Monday, March 31, 2008

The Journey Home

Flying over the St Lawrence seaway on the way back home

March 29 & 30, 2008

A nightmare of lost e-tickets in the Kigali airport (computer networks that span four airlines and three continents - well, not too dependable). So we have to BUY new tickets. Which are then refunded just as we are stepping on the plane.

2.5 hours of sheer stress.

And then the journey home begins. It lasts 31 hours.

Binyavanga, Liesl, Christina and I part ways in New York City.
Binyavanga is off to Schenectady to teach. Christina is taking the Q train to Brooklyn, then will go back up to Providence. Liesl is going to hang in Manhatten. I take a bus to Philly, and will end up back in Toronto sometime in April.

Next step: First drafts. We are underway.

My life, at least, has been changed.

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